18275152_10212731269816665_8457249335160150638_nThis blog is many things to both me and the readers that keep coming back. First and foremost it is an online space to project my personal feelings, accomplishments, failures, and dreams. This is a project I want to continue to grow as I develop my skills, my life, and ultimately my dream of world domination.

Aside from my terrible attempts at humor, I want to share with my readers my joy of food, my love for space, and my interest in humanity’s’ place in the universe. Marbled between that meat, there will be forays into my hobbies as an artist of different mediums. I may even drop a few philosophical discussions on you. I never can tell what my muse will think of next.

All of this comes from my experiences. I see myself as a Renaissance man, riding out the storms of this world on my surfboard of knowledge. I have many, many interests and I follow through on most of them. I have trained to study the universe and learned how to flip a pancake. I am the kid that watched National Geographic and the BBC instead of cartoons.imageedit_1_8922014858

All that culminated into never settling on one path of life. I still get asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Through educating myself or trying a myriad of different careers I have one simple answer, “An astronaut.” While this used to be something very real to me, it is now something metaphorically accurate. Being an astronaut represents something very unattainable but also something to strive for. Truthfully it simply represents the desire for me to carve my own path in life and never be remembered as someone who never did anything of import.

That fear is what steels me through the tough times and excites me when things are meh. I keep wondering what I really want to do to fit the mould of society, but until then I will keep playing lawn darts until something sticks.

Cattle die,483619_10200895628253023_1716202245_n
Kinsmen die,
The self
must also die,
But that which
does not die,
The deeds of
each dead man.

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